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Who is Skippe?
Who is Skipper?

Skipper is a macaw, a large parrot, in imaginative colours. The character was invented by Maria Larsen, who first began drawing sketches of a parrot in perhaps around 2005. In 2008 the first computer drawing of Skipper was shared online and the parrot got his name. In the speech bubble he says "Squawk! Turn the ship around, Skipper! Squawk!" At the same time Skipper got an enemy, the shark. 

Skipper paa skaermen for foerste

First computer drawing of Skipper. Maria Larsen, 2008

Developing Skipper

Through the years Skipper changed look several times to find the perfect look for the parrot. In 2009 he had darker feathers. 

Skipper med bjaelder paa.png
Skipper paa skilt.bmp

2008 and early 2009. Maria Larsen. 

Skipper (1).JPG
Skipper (3).JPG
Skipper (4).JPG
Skipper (6).JPG
Skipper (2).JPG

Skipper was darker and had less contrast in his colours. Late 2009. Maria Larsen. 

When Maria started drawing him in 2018 after an 8 year long break he got his new looks. In 2019 we produced Danish greeting cards with him and his kids. 


Skipper today. Maria Larsen, 2019

Skipper as young

Sometimes Maria has also made younger versions of Skipper. The newest digital drawing is available as a Danish birthday card.

Speech bubble: "Yeah! I've got a feather on my wing!"

Skipper kommer ud af aegget.jpg
Skipper (5).JPG
Skipper som lille.jpg

Out of the egg.                    Darker colours.                    Completely green.            Skipper today.

Maria Larsen, 2008               Maria Larsen, 2009              Maria Larsen, 2010            Maria Larsen, 2019

Skipper's family

Skipper has run in to girl parrots before but that did not go very well. It is hard to understand Skipper today is a married parrot! Back then girl parrots appeared to be very frightening. Mrs Skipper and the kids were all added in 2018. There are two boys and a girl.


Uncle Gull appeared the first time in 2009 and then in 2011. That drawing became part of the first Skipper poster in 2019. He thinks he is a superhero whenever he wears his cape. In reality that is very doubtful. 

Skipper og hunpapegoeje.bmp

Skipper is laughing at a girl parrot.

Maria Larsen, 2008

Skipper og meget forelsket hunpapegoeje.

Skipper is scared of a girl parrot.

Maria Larsen, 2008

The speech bubble says: I don't think I've ever been that close to dogs before!

Skipper Verdens bedste far.png
Skipper Verdens bedste mor.png

Skipper with kids.                                       Mrs Skipper with kids.                     Uncle Gull beat up.                    Uncle Gull with his cape.

Maria Larsen, 2019                                     Maria Larsen, 2019                           Maria Larsen, 2009                     Maria Larsen, 2011

Draw Skipper
This is how you draw Skipper

Follow these steps and learn how to draw Skipper digitally as he is seen on this image. Click on the gallery to make it larger so that the descriptions will show up next to the drawings. If you are using pen and paper remember to begin with very light strokes with a pencil that are easily erased before coloring your drawing. 

coloring images
Free coloring images

Download the images, print and color for free. :)

Skipper maleark lille_edited.jpg

Young Skipper

Fru Skipper med børn_edited.jpg

Mrs Skipper and kids

Skipper og hajen_edited.png

Skipper and the dangerous shark

Skipper maleark stor_edited.png

Adult Skipper

Skipper med familie_edited.jpg

Skipper and family (uncle Gull included)

Skipper med børn_edited.jpg

Skipper and kids

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