Coming events

No future events have yet been planned.

Ongoing events

Tiny World exhibition, 2022


This exhibition can be experienced in our store right now. If any of the originals are being purchased, they can be picked up when the exhibition is over. It will continue throughout February and March.

The address is Thy Art, Storegade 21B, 7700 Thisted, Denmark.

Past events

Thy Art, late 2021


My original Thy drawings now hang permanently in our store Thy Art. Here are 3 of the 11 original drawings that are hanging in the store.

Natur ved Lodbjerg.png
Vorupør landingsplads mindre.png
Hanstholm fyr.png

Corona Time, Summer 2021

From June to early August 2021 the exhibition "Corona Time" could be experienced online in a virtual gallery designed also by the artist. The theme was obviously the Corona virus and the handling of the situation. Here are three of the originals from the exhibition.

10 (5).png

VUC Thisted, 2020

From October to December 2020 a random collection of Maria Larsen's originals were decorating the Danish adult school VUC. It was the same school in which she took art class. There was no specific theme.

Here are three of the works.

Fokus mindre 2_edited.jpg
Sumatra tiger_edited.jpg