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Cookiepolitik for Immanueldp


What are cookies?

Cookes are small pieces of data sent from a website and saved on the visitor's browser. They are typically used for keeping track on the settings you have chosen and actions made on a website. 

There are two types of Cookies: 

Session (temporary) Cookies: These Cookies will be deleted when you close your browse and do not collect information from your computer. They typically store information in form of session identification that does not personally identify the user. 

Persistent (permanent or stored) Cookies: These Cookies are stored on your hard drive until they expire (on a set expiration date) or until you delete them. These Cookies are being used to collect identifying information about the user, such as for instance web surfing behaviour or user preferences on a specific website. 

How do you delete Cookies?

Most Cookies are easy to delete. Choose your browser and follow the instructions. 


  1. Click the menu Botton on Google Chrome.

  2. Find More tools and click Clear browsing data

  3. Select time range in the Clear browsing data window.

  4. Tick Cookies and other data and then click Clear data.


  1. Click Firefox in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select Preferences. 

  2. Select the Privacy and security panel. 

  3. Go to the Cookies and side data section. 

  4. Click Clear data. 



  1. Go to the Settings menu. 

  2. Find Privacy and security and select Clear private data. 

  3. Tick Cookies and active logins on the list. 

  4. Click Clear data.


  1. Select Settings and more.

  2. Find Settings and click Privacy, search and services.

  3. Under Clear browsing data select Choose what to clear. 

  4. Choose a time range. Select Cookies and other side data.

  5. Click Clear now. 

Internet Explorer

  1. Go to the Settings menu

  2. Find Safety and select Delete browsing history. 

  3. Tick Cookies and Website data. 

  4. Click Delete. 

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